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    Welcome to the website of ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY
    After almost 15 years of continuous and successful activity, based on the values of consistensy and responsibility,
    we provide complete, high standard services.

    Continuously upgrades the quality of services.

    Never has opportunistic behavior towards customers.

    It is being continuously equipped with the best conventional and electronic means.

    It doesn’t need advertisement because its live advertisement is its customers themselves.

Who We are

  • ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY LTD is a modern company that provides guarding and security systems services. The company was established by senior army officers, after their discharge , who are specialized in the guarding and security methods and systems.

  • The company headquarters are in Anixis, Attica, and its activities extend all over Greece and activities include guarding of banks , embassies, factories, worksites, office blocks, shopping centers, super markets, stores, houses and any other area housed or not.

  • ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY will propose you the appropriate security solution based on your case, how your property should be guarded and the means that will be required, as well as help you select the best and most effective way out of your options.


ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY LTD undertakes the protection of any private or public property, with professionalism and responsibility. If you initially accept our cooperation specialized senior officers will immediately conduct autopsy of the property, without any obligation of you. They will discuss with you, listen to any suggestions you might have and propose a guarding plan customized to your individual needs.

Our Services

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ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY supports a range of electronic systems able to cope with the most modern and complex demands.

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Permanent Security Guards

The guard monitors based on specific instructions, the guarded area. Absolute Security with the hiring of a permanent guard.

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Guarding Patrols

Discouragement of every villain that will think of 'hitting' an area that is guarded by ALPHA ASPIS SECURITY.